The land portfolio currently consists of 6,936 plots with the vast majority in the South and South East of England. The size of the sites ranges from under 50 plots to over 1,350 plots.

Inland is continuing to focus on acquiring a mix of brownfield sites, as well as strategic land, which is essentially greenfield land acquired with the knowledge that it could lead to a development opportunity at a later date.

The strategic land we currently have in our land bank typically has a 2–5 year timeline for planning permission and has the potential for approximately 2,270 residential plots across 408 acres. As a business, Inland is moving into a much larger average site size.

We are also increasing the number of plots that we have within larger regeneration schemes. Whilst we have been involved in these projects for a little while now, we are looking to expand in this area to maximise the opportunities and value available.

Alongside this, we are pushing to enhance the number of collaborative joint ventures with institutional landowners. Institutions such as the MOD, NHS and Local Authorities often have surplus land but not the skill set or commercial drivers that Inland Homes has.

Whilst our core focus has always been, and will continue to be, acquiring and developing brownfield sites, we are establishing ourselves as a respected housebuilder in our own right. This allows us to take more control of our sites and ensure a higher build quality whilst maximising value generated for Inland.


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